The Chomp Squad

Chomp Char Troopersarus


& Bobby Badge

Troopersaurus is a heroic T-Rex police officer – he’s impressive for both his enormous size and his appetite; which often distracts him from his duties as a police officer. It’s tough to control a crowd when you’re eating everything in sight – including the police tape! Bobby Badge works alongside (and sometimes on top) of Troopersaurus. A lover of the law and a carrier of dino snacks, he’s always ready to save the day!


& sparks mckenzie

Blazeasaurus, the oldest and wisest of the squad, is a firefighting Brachiosaurus who with his human partner, Sparks McKenzie, can battle flames in the tallest of towers and never run out of water. Blaze teaches Sparks how to look before she leaps, and how to fight fires with your brains as well as with water and bravery. Sparks McKenzie is feisty, fearless, and fast around a fire. She has a lot to learn from her partner, but is one of the few who can make Blazeasaurus laugh til he gets the hiccups. In addition to fire-fighting, Sparks McKenzie and Blazeasaurus pitch in with general first-response emergency help.

doc tops

& sam scrubs

Meet the medics of the squad. With so much chomping and stomping going on, there’s always someone who needs to be patched up! The powerful Doc Tops uses her special gear to keep the Chomp Squad strong and healthy. Her partner Sam Scrubs is tech-savvy medical assistant who invents new ideas to help people and dinos. This duo are partners and friends; they’re always up for a good laugh and love hanging together even when off-duty.


& gabby dash

Wingtip the Pterydactyl and Gabby Dash his pilot are the squad’s eye in the sky. They are responsible for alerting the squad of emergencies, general intel from above and fast evacuations. When Wingtip can’t fly to the scene, his parkour lovin‘, fast talkin’ partner, Gabby Dash, covers the job from the street.